Welcome to my blog! If you know me, you know brunch is my favorite thing to do with friends! If you don’t know me, now you know J’adore Brunch!!

This blog came about when my boss who knows I’m brunch obsessed, jokingly told me I should start a blog about brunch. Little did he know it was like flipping a light switch in my brain and I went with it full voltage. Thinking back to when I first moved here and did a google search for the best brunch spots in Sarasota, Florida… well let’s just say it wasn’t noteworthy. Brunch Babe to the rescue! I can’t wait to share my favorite places with you!

If you have a restaurant in Sarasota, Florida and would like me to write about brunch at your establishment please drop me an email and invite me at brunchsrq@gmail.com.

xoxo The Brunch Babe